Find Something True


Our growth studio is looking for long-term relationships — here is what we accomplished in the past two weeks.

On my golden birthday back in July, I caught up with my friend from Greycork who is now at Burrow in NYC. During our breakfast, I asked him about what he learned at 27 years old. After a brief moment of reflection, he told me, “This is the time you begin to figure it out.”

That meant a lot to me. If you look around at the people at this age, we begin to notice friends, family, and colleagues getting married, searching for a home, or having a baby. We begin to make decisions based on what we keep from our past and what we want from our future. Amidst these times of sacrifices and commitments, we begin to reveal our identities — something true about ourselves.

Brandon and I have been going through these important changes together. It feels like BBBABEL is our baby, California is our home, and this LLC formation document is our marriage certificate. With no time wasted, we spent these past two weeks focused on the basics for growing BBBABEL:

  • I started moving out of my apartment to save on rent.

  • I received a loan from my dad as an investment.

  • Brandon had his last day of working at ATTN:.

  • Brandon had his first week of working on BBBABEL.

  • We established BBBABEL’s mission, vision, and values.

  • We outlined BBBABEL’s financial plan for the rest of the year.

  • We drafted BBBABEL’s criteria for partners in growth.

On top of that, we even delivered videos and strategy work to our existing partners and begun building new relationships with others. All this progress is driven by our rejection for complacency and our search for truth in BBBABEL’s work.

Working together hasn’t always been easy. It took time and a mutual respect for change. Brandon and I have known each other for over eight years, and throughout our rich history, we’ve overcome challenges as friends, as roommates, and as professionals. We’ve gotten to know each other for all that we are, and despite living in different cities and working in different industries over the past four years, we’ve only been growing stronger as partners.

By being genuine to each other, our alignment and experience apart has only helped us develop a unique perspective on what growth means for a brand. With a little bit of babbling on a video call every morning, we’ve written down the mission, vision, and values that give BBBABEL a foundation for its identity.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll go into detail as to what our mission, vision, and values mean to us, and translate what they mean for you:

BBBABEL’s Mission

We give progress a voice by speaking to human basics.

BBBABEL’s Vision

We believe in a world where creativity transforms purposeful causes into powerful causes.

BBBABEL’s Values

— Find something true.
— Time over money.
— We, not me.
— Have a human touch.
— Remember to play.

The changes we’ve experienced over the past two weeks have been overwhelming, but the feeling is familiar to my time at Greycork. It feels authentic, and maybe that’s a sign we’re figuring it out.

If you believe there is truth in a relationship between creativity and data, we want to speak with you.


Alec BabalaAuthor, Managing Partner at BBBABEL
Brandon TysonEditor, Creative Partner at BBBABEL

Babblings is a journal series about the development of our growth studio, BBBABEL. This is our mission to discover our identity, both for our studio and for our personal lives, and we want to share whatever we find along the way. This is not a definitive guide for starting a business. This is an honest journal on change and identity.

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